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Reviews and Testimonials

 Benjamin Anderson

a week ago

Good God, the food here is off the charts! I tried the Fried Chik'n Dinner and was completely blown away by how delicious everything on my plate was. The fried chik'n, mac n' cheese, rice, and yams all had me saying, "Mmmm!" with every bite. Not kidding. I was literally sitting alone in my hotel room making "yummy food noises" while eating this food. Keep up the good work, C4Eats! I'll be back for more :)

 Yammin R Us Inc

2 weeks ago

Definitely, a must-visit wish they had dozens of them.


a month ago

Great food. I’m impressed!

Nicole Rodrigues

a month ago

This has become my favorite vegan restaurant. I’ve tried almost everything on the menu and everything is full of flavor. I try to visit at least once a week traveling from Miramar to Hollywood. I’m not a big eater so the portion sizes usually last 2 days. I’m also not a big leftover eater either but the food is so yummy here that I don’t mind. I love it here.

Amer Sultan

a month ago

Not even vegan but if you didn’t tell me I wouldn’t have even known the difference 10/10.